All that is missing is some recording gear

My wife and I recently completely renovated our “catch all” room into a guest room for when friends and family are in town visiting. It has been a pleasant change, considering we have already had three guests stay over since the change, and the guest room has only been completed a few weeks now.


Since the guest room is officially done, my next goal with this room is going to be a mini-recording studio that will find its home on the desk. I don’t know how soon this studio will be up and running, but hopefully sooner than later. Since we have Christmas and a few birthdays coming up in the near future, it will likely be closer to January or February before the studio is fully up and running.

I can’t wait.

It’s going to be good for me to get back into a creative mode. I miss writing music. It’s been something like six or seven years since I left tour. And let’s face it… that’s just too long to go without writing.

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