Deciding on a 7 string or 8 string Guitar

So, today I had some time to kill before the end of the day and spent that time at a local music store to decide if I was going to want to commit to getting a 7 string guitar or an 8 string guitar.


Now, obviously if you can count you know that I have decided on the 8 string. And here is my reasoning. Sure, the 8 string is going to be a little bit muddier. But, when it comes down to what I am really aiming for once I start recording, I just feel like it is going to be closer to what I want. For this project I intend to keep things pretty simple. And for that, the muddiness won’t be that big of an issue since I am not looking to get too complex starting off. And regardless, if I wanted to go with a 7 string later, I could always just mute the top string and down tune the one below it. So, there you go.

8 string it is.

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