The Bands that have Inspired

Today, I thought I would put together a short list of the bands that have inspired me to start this website and begin my home studio deathcore-hardcore recording project. This post is merely a basic list of a few of the bands whose guitar tone and overall mix are what I have come to enjoy from the genre. Not only have I picked these bands based on their overall tones, but on their simplicity as well. Although the breakdowns and riffs may be simple, a good and solid breakdown is still a good and solid sound starting foundation in my eyes.

So, here is the list… in no particular order.




So yeah, there you go. I just like how minimal most of the guitar parts are. And yet, because of the tones and overall mix, each band has a really great sound. Although I am no studio engineer, these bands inspire me because I feel that I could produce something similar in style and quality given the right equipment and time.

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