Designing a Deathcore Logo

So, you’ve seen those Hardcore or Deathcore bands who have a band name you can’t even read? Well, for the first time ever I attempted this last weekend to design that type of logo for fun. But first, here are just a few examples of what a good logo should look like (in my humble opinion).





I am not going to lie. The first two attempts seemed very promising while I was working on them. But, once I was done and stood back to look at them, they both looked bad. I mean, really bad. Like… 9th grader sketching out something epic on the bleachers during gym class rather than dressing out and participating, bad. Don’t get me wrong. A lot of kids at that age are really talented. But, I think you get the point.

It was bad.

Anyway… of the three that I did I felt like this one was worth sharing. It isn’t all that great. But, I felt like it was worth noting that I at least gave it a shot.


I am not totally happy with it, although it doesn’t look too terrible. I plan to goof off with it a bit more and maybe over the course of the next week or two will try to get knock out a few more solid Deathcore Logo attempts just for fun.

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