Decided to start a new dread journey

Well, I have had dreads a few times in life. Once as a teen. Once in my early twenties. And once about four years ago.

The first time I had them I was new to the idea and was constantly adding wax, which is a no no. So I ended up cutting them. The second time I had them was right as I started touring full time. Since I was alone most of the time I had no one to maintain them and they never really looked good. The third time I had them I did a bowl cut with just having dreads on the top. I liked them but ended up cutting them with the intent of growing out all of my hair and starting over with a full head of hair instead.

Well, I grew out my hair and didn’t do it.

Impatient I cut my hair.

Now… my hair is about six inches long. So, I have decided to go a new route. I am getting human hair extensions. The extension are in the mail… and are in fact the ones in the top photo. Should be getting them installed within the next month.