Business Cards and such

I have always been the type of person that does what he can to promote whatever project I am currently pursuing in a way that displaces clean professionalism. And thus, now that this site is up and going I have started to actually use my studio to start writing music again for the first time in 7 years (not actually recording yet, but just using the recording process to write).

But, that isn’t the full reason for the business cards this time around.

In the recent past I have had a lot more reason as of late to point people to content on the internet that is related to my views on things such as Biblical Prophecy, who the Anti-Christ is, what the mark of the beast is, the September 23rd sign that happened last year, etc. The list goes on and on. For this reason I have been working on my testimony page (which I think I will eventually split into two pages… one about my personal walk, and one about truths I have found so compelling for Christ’s sake in the recent past).

With that, the card is going to be a great bench marker to insert into conversations at work or wherever when something random like pagan holiday festivals or cosmology comes up. I could slap a link on the card with a pen and pray that the person I am talking to begins to dig for truth for themselves. What is prompting my decision to get the cards is the fact that I have had three co-workers read my recently posted testimony on the site after a conversation has led me to jot a link on a scratch-paper that could very well just get wadded up at the bottom of their pocket.   

As much as I enjoy music and would like to create something I know is getting local or regional attention, what’s the honest to God point in that, if it doesn’t lead to Christ? This site is a way for me to talk to real people in real life while having a place to direct them when the conversation gets real and they want to know something as simple as why anyone would want to be a Christian these days in the age of “apparently” apparent truth?

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