Recording lead guitar for the EP

Today my friend Ricky came over and spent a few hours with me in the home studio laying down some lead guitar parts. We had a pretty good time, plus it was good to just sit back and have some laughs with a friend.


This three song EP is coming to life!

I sent Ricky some rough cut takes of each song in its raw, un-mixed form. He spent a few weeks toying with a few ideas. And when he was ready, he came over and we did some tracking. I am really happy with how the day went. We tracked severally really solid takes in each song.


With these tracks laid down it’s time for me to face the facts. I need to start warming up this ol’ voice of mine for some brutal pig squeals. I’m a little nervous. Of all that I have accomplished so far with the EP, writing, recording, and mixing has been the easy part.

Now comes the hard part.

Let the screams begin.

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