Dr. Dino – an informal conversation

Random thing happened to me this week. I have a few evangelists that I really like. One of which, is Dr. Kent Hovind. Now, I am not going to suggest that I agree with him on every single thing. But, I definitely recommend checking out some of the lecture series and debates that he did back in the early 2000’s. Here is an example of one of the debates. Where did God come from?

He answers the question with eloquence and assurance. You’ve got to love that. Anyway, supper random thing this week. I sent an email out to his ministry asking for some book suggestions. And randomly, I ended up with the man’s personal cell phone number.


Here is a link to his older lecture series on creation vs. evolution. CLICK HERE

Anyway, it was really cool to talk with him. He is a really down to earth, dude. We need more people like him out there doing what they can to fight the fight in favor of God’s word.


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