Reading books is fun for learning and thinknig

I’ve been reading a lot in the last few years. I mean… a lot, a lot. And today was no acceptation. Although I do not endorse every little thing that is said in the following book, I definitely recommend you give it an unbiased read. As a conservative Christian I will admit that I felt the language at times was a little bit much and entirely unnecessary.

Regardless, I got through the entire book. And I think you should too.

It’s called Ten Arguments for deleting your social media accounts Right Now, by author Jaron Lanier.


He had a lot of things to say that I felt touched true to my own experience in the digital realm while also somehow managing to tug at my religious side in regard to this topic. In order for you to get a more vivid depiction as to who Jaron is, his mannerisms and personality… here is the man behind the book. I think it helps to see him in real time talking on a few of the issues addressed in the book, because it helps guide the underlying tone of the book itself in regard to his literary writing style.

With this said, I was already headed in this direction a while back. If you go to my existing social media accounts you will see that I use them, but I am not actually following anyone.

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