A more mobile friendly site layout


Well, last night and some of this morning I worked on making the site a bit more mobile friendly. Most people these days are surfing the web on their phones rather than on computers. My last layout design was meant for viewers from a computer. I felt like the previous layout was much cooler, but I am doing this cleaner more simplistic layout with two things in mind.

One, it is clearly easier to navigate and look at on a mobile device.

And two, I am laying out the web pages with the intent of creating a more video blog style site. Rather than creating pages with lots and lots of text to drudge through, once we finally get moved and settled in, I plan to make the church pages more user friendly by generating all of the content on those pages into video form so that it is quicker and easier to view for the site visitors.

It’s going to be a little while, because I have some moving to do first. But, this change is at least a step in the right direction.

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