Ebow Arrived in the Mail: Let Down


The Ebow that I recently ordered arrived in the mail… and well, I was let down. I had such a fond memory of this little device from my early 20’s from the way back machine when I was still touring full time. I came across a band that used it in their live performances. They pulled it off well.

After the show they let me goof around with the device on one of their gear set ups and my memory betrayed me. I remember the experience as though my mind had been blown wide open, asking myself, why wouldn’t everyone be using this thing? It was epic. It sounded great. But… now that I have one in my hands again after all that time, I feel swindled.

Don’t get me wrong… it’s cool.

But, it doesn’t do much other than, well… what it does.

I am going to enjoy messing with it. And I do plan to use it in future recordings. But, I guess I had higher expectations for it.

The fact that it came with a sticker of a picture of the actual device was hilarious. What would I put that on? And let’s face it… no one would know what it was. Maybe I should put it on something at work, just so that I can have people ask me “what the heck is that thing“.

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