Dreams that must be Told: Rap Artist

Last night I had a dream that must be told. I dreamt that I was a rapper. I was on staging. The beat dropped. And when I came into the light mad flowing, I was dressed in all white. After that, I woke up.


When I woke up I realized instantly what my rapper stage name should be. It should be Tighty Whitie. And here’s why…

When people go take a listen to my music they will find that my beats and lyrical flow is actually quite tight. And… you guessed it, I’m white. Tight mad flow from a white guy dressed in all white. Rapper name, Tighty Whitie. But, it doesn’t stop there. I’ve got to have a DJ, too.

That’s where DJ Skid Mark comes in. Because, he is super sick at ski-ski-skiddin’ them vinyl records to my beats. And his name just so happens to be Mark. With that, it’s a closed deal. Rapper Tighty Whitie and DJ Skid Mark. I’ll wear all white. And he can wear all brown. I think it would be a hit.

Don’t you?