Life events and an at Home EEG

Well, I might as well just get real and talk about it since there really isn’t much going on with the music right now other than working in the studio on some a few songs for a future release. As you can see from the picture that my wife took for me (since I don’t have a smart phone anymore), I got some crazy junk going on right now.

I am currently conducting a 48 in home EEG.


Apparently, I am epileptic now which is pretty exciting if you ask me. I have only had one actual “full blown” seizure. But, I have auras all the time which are technically called something like “micro” seizures or the feeling that you get when a possible seizure is about to happen. Even though I am on medication to keep this type of activity low in my brain, it isn’t fully preventing these feelings that occur.

So… I got referred to a specialist. Because of that, here I am with my head strapped to 25 leads going to a monitor in my fanny pack.

Cool story bro.

Other than that, my beard has gotten longer since my last set of site photos were taken. Maybe I should consider doing a new set of promo shots for this next release. And yes, I know exactly what you’re thinking. I should totally include the fanny pack in the promos.

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