New Studio Mic pivot Stand

Well, I made what I think is going to be a final studio change for a long time. I did a huge studio update by creating a vocal booth to the left of my gear. I was really happy with how the vocal booth sounded. It really cleaned up the audio quality. It however shut down my creativity. You see, in the studio I am writing while I record. I am writing while I record with almost all of it… especially the vocals. The booth cramped the writing process by forcing me to have to move around too much.


But that’s old.

I changed it today by getting a swivel pivot stand so that I can go back to recording vocals the way I was doing it before setting up the vocal booth. This time I will still have the extra padding to help with the noise reduction. In the process of switching out this new setup I shifted the entire studio down a little. I am really happy with how it turned out.


Studio stuff is always fun!!!

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