Look what I did with a Leaf

While most everyone else is in panic because they weren’t the first to go out to the store and stock up on toilet paper for Armageddon, we decided to spend the week hunting for cool leaves and pressing them to make leaf animal.


Before becoming an Art Curator’s assistant my wife used to be an art teacher. So, with that we have a lot of crafting stuff and crafting books. If you are looking for a cool craft to do with your family that doesn’t actually cost anything, I definitely recommend checking this hobby out. Apparently it is pretty epic and if you do a “leaf animal” search it comes up with a lot of really great finished pieces.

The book that we looked through to get started was called Look What I Did With a Leaf.

Mine was the deer. My son’s a porcupine. And my wife’s, a frog.

I think they turned out fantastic.

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