Revive Phoenix Beyblade Burst is too powerful?

So, my family spends as little time as possible doing “screen time”. Rather than staring at the T.V. (which we don’t own), we play board games and read books in the front lawn. With that, we do however do Friday night movie night on the computer. My boy has fallen in love with Beyblades, a show about tournament based battles with spin tops. It gets even better than that, because they make real ones with real arenas. They even have “actual” local, regional, national, and international tournaments.

Since it is more of a board game (requiring more than one player), is has become a family game option along with our other family board games. We have already collected quite a few Beyblades and we have one really solid arena. That’s why I like encouraging this game with my son. It’s an opportunity for family time.


Having said all of that, things are starting to get a little too serious. My wife did some extensive research and decided to purchase for herself Revive Phoenix. This junk is unstoppable… or is it?


Her’s came in the mail and my son and I have been struggling to take it down. She is practically undefeated. I managed to win like three times by default just because my Bey lasted a fraction of a second longer than hers in the arena.

My son and I have some catching up to do.

So, I decided to up my game and purchased Zac the Sunrise’s Zillion Zeus Beyblade from Beyblade Burt. It hasn’t come in the mail yet, obviously. But honestly, I don’t think it’s going to be enough against Revive Phoenix.



Now that I’ve gone through all of that… this is the conclusion. While everyone else is stressing over COVID19, we are ordering Beyblades from China so that these family battles can get intense!!!

Last thing… Geist Fafnir is totally going to give my wife a run for her money. Just saying. That’s the one we are looking at getting for my son. He is excited about it.


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