Should I start up a Podcast?

podcast cover ideaI few years ago I did a podcast that primarily focused on my cosmological views. The podcast was short lived and only lasted about ten episodes, because my pastor at the time suggested that I should take it down to focus on other things that at that time were more important. Without question, I took it down. But that was then, and this is now. I was surprised back then to see how quickly the podcast picked up followers. The subscribers list grew rapidly. I’m not suggesting that it would do the same this time around, but it was cool to see happen.

This time around, my content focus would be different anyway. I think back then my heart was focused on creation and what the bible has to say about it. Right now my heart is focused on world events and bible prophecy. So, who is to say what would come out of a podcast focused on this type of topic.

Just a thought right now… but it could become something real pretty soon.

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