Huge Mixing Milestone Crossed Today

If I go back to the music I was putting together when I first got the home studio, it has been a little over a year since I started sell producing my music rather than going into a real studio. And today I did it. I finally hit that sweet spot by figuring out why my mixes were sound great in the studio or on the computer, but horrible in the vehicle.

The answer is simple… to much bass.


I like to write and record Deathore-Slam breakdowns. As a listener they are always very bass driven. I have always loved my mixes, but… any time I brought them into the car or onto an alternate platform like a table radio they sounded way too muddy. The mix was muffled. And I wasn’t having that problem anywhere else.

I brightened up my bass and took bass out of things that didn’t need it at all like my front end ambient guitar tones… and magic happened. I am excited about this next release, now more than ever.

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