meMy name is Pat.

Just because something has been ingrained into your heart and mind from birth through tradition and repetition, that doesn’t make it true. If I cared what the world thought, I wouldn’t be a Christian. If I cared what Christians thought, I wouldn’t be a Historicist.

A Martyr’s Oath is a new music project of mine. The band name is inspired by my faith in Christ. Although there is not a formal definition for the phrase, A Martyr’s Oath would be a person who is willing to die for their beliefs while standing on a pledge of that very belief system. This recording project is instrumentally inspired by the hardcore and deathcore scene. Although my 6 years long full time music career was centered on preforming acoustic folk music, the circuit that I spent most of my time touring was with bands in the Christian hardcore scene. With that, my love for the genre has never died. The idea behind this project is to merge my two passions, Christ’s word and good breakdowns.

After stepping down from full time touring in the summer of 2012, my last full length release was inspired by the NKJV Biblical book of Revelation. The title of the release is called, Mother of Harlots. You can download and listen to it for free on my Bandcamp page.

Originally from Florida, I spent most of my touring days up and down the East Coast. Now, I’m a family man that lives in East Texas.  If you really want to get to know me, here are two things you can do. Go check out my testimony. After you’ve done that… feel free to contact me. I’d love to hear form you.

My oath is with Christ. And although I am not physically a martyr, having died for the name of my Lord, I am a daily martyr by choosing to live for Jesus Christ rather than the world.

Die daily. Stand on Christ. A martyr’s oath.