My name is Pat. Just because something has been ingrained into your heart and mind from birth through tradition and repetition doesn’t make it true. If I cared what the world thought, I wouldn’t be a Christian. If I cared what Christians thought, I wouldn’t be an Adventist.

A Martyr’s Oath by definition is a person who is willing to die for their beliefs while standing on a pledge of that very belief system. As a Christian musician I have started this website with the hope of writing and recording new music in the near future under the artist name, A Martyr’s Oath. Lyrically inspired by our Creator and His unfailing word and promises, it is a deathcore and hardcore fusion of doom metal that will hopefully begin to form once my home studio is up and running.

In the meantime, you can visit the Music Page to listen to some of my older material that dates back to when I used to tour for a living.

Like most people that start out doing music, I was the drummer for a few bands in high school. The extent of that experience was playing a few local shows. Although I hadn’t been aware of it at the time, I did manage to open up for a few larger touring bands back then.

Later on in my early twenties I played the drums for several different types of bands. Let’s see… there was the Rockabilly band, the NU Metal band, and an Indie Rock band. At some stage between the last two bands I started recording solo stuff on the side as a singer-songwriter. None of my stuff was all that great, but I did it just the same, eager to write and be in the studio as often as possible.

The Indie Rock band that I was in was a band that actually started to get some local notoriety. It even managed to do some minor touring. We would occasionally book three or four day stints over the weekend, playing shows on the Florida, George, Alabama State lines. The tipping point that led me to go full blown solo singer-songwriter however, was when the Indie Rock band booked an entire two weeks of tour dates. At the last minute the band managed to drop out of most of the scheduled shows. Disappointed, I stepped down as their drummer and started off on my solo career.


Despite the lack of skill and quality, it wasn’t long before I found myself several full length releases into it. I was touring full time before I knew it. I went under the artist name, The Cries Of. You can search for it if you want to, but I kept the best releases here on this site for you to check out. During that six year period I played just about every State in the US and even managed to meet my lovely wife, whom I have been happily married to for close to a decade now. By the end of my solo singer-songwriter career I was releasing songs that I was proud of while filling more than half of the year with tour dates.

But, it’s been too long. These bones are itching to write something new… even if it is just for fun.

Now, I am not going to get into all the details here. If I were to do that, it would be the start of a memoir. So, I will be as brief as I can while getting to the point.

I got saved when I was nineteen out of a very heavy drug and alcohol induced lifestyle. My upbringing prior to that point had actually been without religion, despite my mother’s catholic background. As a result, before personally meeting Christ, I was hardcore atheist to the point of argument. Looking back on it now, I find it funny how hard the average atheist will fight against something they don’t even believe in (if you don’t believe in it, then just drop it and live your life). But that wasn’t me. Just like it isn’t most atheists. I had something to say, and I was going to say it for the sake of confirming for myself why I didn’t “need to believe” in a creator regardless of the particular religion.

At nineteen my life was turned upside down when I found myself at a place where I was no longer able to properly function in society as a result of my excessive drug related choices. A friend of a friend came to me talking a bunch of nonsense about Jesus being real. That Jesus could heal. All of those old cliche types of things that most atheists still mock at today. I was at my rope’s end. And all be it for selfish reasons, I gave Christ a chance.

All of those silly sounding things you hear people saying about Jesus being alive. About him being able to change your life. Save you from the darkness, and all of that… it’s all true. And, I am proud to say that I am living proof of that fact.

This is the part where I could ramble, but let’s skip ahead just a bit.


I have been a Christian for nearly half of my life now. Like most Protestant Christians that got saved in the civilized western world during the 20th and or 21st century, I got saved in the camp of Christians known as the Futurists. The majority of my faith has been spent associated with this camp of believers. In the last few years however, I have started to study scripture and prophecy more than before. I’ve evaluated the various different camps of Christian eschatology. And as a result I now would consider myself a Historicist Christian (visit the Church Page for more info about this).

With that, I am an Adventist.

My oath is with Christ. And although I am not physically a martyr, having died for the name of my Lord, I am a daily martyr by choosing to live for Jesus Christ rather than the world.

Die daily. Stand on Christ. A martyr’s oath.



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