podcast cover ideaI few years ago I did a podcast that primarily focused on my cosmological views. The podcast was short lived and only lasted about ten episodes, because my pastor at the time suggested that I should take it down to focus on other things that at that time were more important. Without question, I took it down. But that was then, and this is now. I was surprised back then to see how quickly the podcast picked up followers. The subscribers list grew rapidly. I’m not suggesting that it would do the same this time around, but it was cool to see happen.

This time around, my content focus would be different anyway. I think back then my heart was focused on creation and what the bible has to say about it. Right now my heart is focused on world events and bible prophecy. So, who is to say what would come out of a podcast focused on this type of topic.

Just a thought right now… but it could become something real pretty soon.


I have just managed to record a jam that I personally think is the best thing I have recorded to date since first getting the studio set up. The tones are really solid. I have decided to take a little break from writing music because of how happy I am with this track.

I have decided to stop what I am doing to take the time to start working on really honing in my mixing and mastering for this particular track. Once I feel like I finally have something top notch, I plan to use that song as a pre-mix platform for my future recordings. The song actually already sounds really great. I can already think of a few things that need to change. For example, my crash symbol is a little high. And I feel like the main lead guitar could turn up in the mix. But beyond those little things, I think I am going to use this track to mostly work on mastering.


I have been itching to write and jam some breakdowns. It is odd that I find myself wanting to so right now, because… well, right now I have been working on some chill post-rock jazzy jams. And somehow or another I have talked myself into putting these breakdowns into the mix. I’m not sure how I feel about it right now, but it has definitely been a lot of fun slapping some beasty drops for a change.

So… Calmcore? It could catch on… maybe.

Listening through one of the finished songs now, I recognize that I still have a lot to learn about the post mix. But especially about the mastering side of things. I feel like right now my low end is a little too low and my high end is a little too high. But, to be honest I’m not actually sure how to tackle that type of thing.

Either way, I’m having a lot of fun.


Okay, this Beyblade Bust stuff has reached its peak of epic proportions. Not only did I just spend a lot of time doing some explosive research looking at what different combinations work best with my bey that has yet to come in the mail, but we also have a new Beyblade studio coming in the mail that has spikes on it for collateral damage to any blader that doesn’t manage their collision control!


This is a really great family game that we have been really getting into. Nothing like battling it out in the thunder dome at home while the rest of the world is falling apart because of COVID19.

All I can say is this… two men enter. One man leaves.




So, my family spends as little time as possible doing “screen time”. Rather than staring at the T.V. (which we don’t own), we play board games and read books in the front lawn. With that, we do however do Friday night movie night on the computer. My boy has fallen in love with Beyblades, a show about tournament based battles with spin tops. It gets even better than that, because they make real ones with real arenas. They even have “actual” local, regional, national, and international tournaments.

Since it is more of a board game (requiring more than one player), is has become a family game option along with our other family board games. We have already collected quite a few Beyblades and we have one really solid arena. That’s why I like encouraging this game with my son. It’s an opportunity for family time.


Having said all of that, things are starting to get a little too serious. My wife did some extensive research and decided to purchase for herself Revive Phoenix. This junk is unstoppable… or is it?


Her’s came in the mail and my son and I have been struggling to take it down. She is practically undefeated. I managed to win like three times by default just because my Bey lasted a fraction of a second longer than hers in the arena.

My son and I have some catching up to do.

So, I decided to up my game and purchased Zac the Sunrise’s Zillion Zeus Beyblade from Beyblade Burt. It hasn’t come in the mail yet, obviously. But honestly, I don’t think it’s going to be enough against Revive Phoenix.



Now that I’ve gone through all of that… this is the conclusion. While everyone else is stressing over COVID19, we are ordering Beyblades from China so that these family battles can get intense!!!

Last thing… Geist Fafnir is totally going to give my wife a run for her money. Just saying. That’s the one we are looking at getting for my son. He is excited about it.