Established in the spring of 2019 with an Iowa based label release of their first demo EP, they are a two piece studio project with the long term goal to expand and grow creatively. A Martyr’s Oath front man Russell Smith has teamed up with musician and producer Pat Douglas in the studio for the foreseeable future. Inspired by the two major passions they both hold in common, great faith in Christ and a sincere love for music, this duo hopes to bring something both new and old to the writing and recording mix.

The band name is inspired by their faith. Although there is not a formal definition for the phrase, A Martyr’s Oath would be a person who is willing to die for their beliefs while standing on a pledge of that very belief system. Their oath is with Christ. And although they aren’t physically a martyr, having died for the name of God, they are daily martyrs by choosing to live for Jesus Christ rather than the world.

Die daily. Stand on Christ. A Martyr’s Oath.