Clean and tight – dreadlock update

Well, I have had my dreads for over a month already and today I went in to the parlor and got them tightened up.

So far the experience had been pretty good. At first I was using an acceleration salt spray to speed up the tightening process, but I couldn’t stand it. My scalp was constantly itching. Not using it makes the maturing process longer, but so be it.

From here on out, instead of doing maintenance once I month I will likely just start doing it once every three months while just giving my hair time to mature and do it’s own thing.

Just when you sit down to record a Riff

Well, if this just don’t beat all. Here I am, totally geared out and ready to lay down some riffs in my newly acquired studio… and it turns out that I have to have a Licensure Key from Steinberg before I can actually open and operated my newly purchases recording software.

How exciting.

And no, this isn’t a screen shot from my computer. It’s an example given by Steinberg. 

So, yeah… if this doesn’t show you how new I am to the home studio world, I don’t know what will. All of my experience in the studio has been as an artist. Not the engineer, producer, or mixing and mastering guru. I have always just been the guy holding the guitar, sitting at the drums, or standing in front of the mic.


With that, in order for me to fix the current error that I am getting I have to get a key from a local music store. After that I should be in business. It was disappointing to be honest. I was ready to goof off with some guitar tones… and a door slammed right in my face. I guess it makes sense though. It keeps people from just using a bit torrent to snag the software and use it for free.

Admitting that good photography is more about Editing

Let’s face it… we’ve all seen those super epic photos portraits done by “professional” photographers, and thought to ourselves “how are they so good at taking photos?”.

The truth is, it’s less about the photo and more about the editing. The better you are at an editing software like photoshop, the better of a “photographer” you will be. Personally, that makes no sense to me at all. But in any case, here is an example of what I mean. On the right are the raw photos that I took with an older logo. And on the right are some edits I made in photoshop along with the newer logo.


They’re not slam-bam-thank-you-mam, by any means. But I think you get the point. I am a lot happier with how they look after having tweaked them a little in photoshop.

Three Weeks into the New Hair Style

Well, now that I am coming up on close to three weeks already with my new dreadlock journey… I thought I would give an update on how that seems to be going. When I first got them done I have to be honest and say that it was such a drastic change in look that even I thought it looked kind of silly. But, here I am three weeks into it and I like them. If I could change anything I am likely to get them dyed in the near future to a more natural looking color rather than the current bright color that I have now.

Other than that, I have two complaints that I already knew would be an issue with starting dreads, considering the fact that I have had this hair style in the past.

#1 Itchy Dreads


After getting them done I was using what is called an accelerator spray. It is essentially just a salt water spray that is used to dry out the hair so that it tightens up faster. The issue with this drying process method is that it has a tendency to also dry out your scalp. With that my head has been itching like crazy. That is, until I just quit using the spray. Not using it will obviously make the locking process take longer, but the benefits of not using it for me outweigh the benefits of using it.

I just couldn’t take it.

#2 Loose Hair


This is another factor that I knew would happen in the early stages of dreads. It’s annoying. The reason why people typically want to get dreads is the fact that they have seen some older dreads that have already gone through the tightening process, which means all that loose hair isn’t there. All that loose hair is tight and formed into the dreads, giving the dreads a nice clean look.

But, your dreads are new and this… well, is a problem. There is loose hair all over the place. And no matter how much you try to play with it and clean it up, they just keep coming back.

All you can really do at this point is just stick it out. The longer you go, the less and less this will be a problem.

So, other than the itchy scalp and the excessive loose hairs all over the place (which I knew would be a problem), things are going well with it. Right now I don’t have any pictures to post of it, because honestly it doesn’t look all that different to the header of this website. So, if you want to see what my hair looks like right now, just take a glace at the site header.

Illustration Attempt

So, If you look at any of my past work, the lines are clean and tight. That is because my method required me to sketch and ink on paper. Afterwards I scan the image in and use photoshop to add in my colors one layer at a time. Today for the first time ever I attempted to do my line work with my tablet. I honestly didn’t like it.
My hand isn’t that steady. And, lately my tablet lag has been so bad that I have been having trouble with photoshop on that front. So, it was hard to navigate a decent line without shaking all over the place. The concept of drawing with the tablet rather than on paper is a direction that I desire to go, because I have watched a few speed draw videos on Youtube that inspired me to attempt the image in this post. I am a long way off from being that talented. But, if you want to improve you have to start somewhere. With that, I think I need to update my computer to get rid of that extreme tablet lag for starters.