Just when you sit down to record a Riff

Well, if this just don’t beat all. Here I am, totally geared out and ready to lay down some riffs in my newly acquired studio… and it turns out that I have to have a Licensure Key from Steinberg before I can actually open and operated my newly purchases recording software.

How exciting.

And no, this isn’t a screen shot from my computer. It’s an example given by Steinberg. 

So, yeah… if this doesn’t show you how new I am to the home studio world, I don’t know what will. All of my experience in the studio has been as an artist. Not the engineer, producer, or mixing and mastering guru. I have always just been the guy holding the guitar, sitting at the drums, or standing in front of the mic.


With that, in order for me to fix the current error that I am getting I have to get a key from a local music store. After that I should be in business. It was disappointing to be honest. I was ready to goof off with some guitar tones… and a door slammed right in my face. I guess it makes sense though. It keeps people from just using a bit torrent to snag the software and use it for free.

Totally Redesigned the Album Covers

So, I have a lot of music that I released in my mid to late twenties as a singer-songwriter. Of all of those releases, these three are the ones that I am the most proud of. With that, I decided to keep them for those of you that are interested in a free download of some indie/folk music.
I like how these new album covers look. They are nice, sleek, and simple. Hopefully, in the near future I will get back to recording (this time around, deathcore).
Until then, get yourself some free music!

Deciding on a 7 string or 8 string Guitar

So, today I had some time to kill before the end of the day and spent that time at a local music store to decide if I was going to want to commit to getting a 7 string guitar or an 8 string guitar.


Now, obviously if you can count you know that I have decided on the 8 string. And here is my reasoning. Sure, the 8 string is going to be a little bit muddier. But, when it comes down to what I am really aiming for once I start recording, I just feel like it is going to be closer to what I want. For this project I intend to keep things pretty simple. And for that, the muddiness won’t be that big of an issue since I am not looking to get too complex starting off. And regardless, if I wanted to go with a 7 string later, I could always just mute the top string and down tune the one below it. So, there you go.

8 string it is.

Doing some research


So, I have been doing the research this week and I feel like I have come up with a pretty solid list of basic necessities for the initial home studio purchase. The biggest purchase is going to be the computer, obviously. But, I went as inexpensive as I could without going so small that it would cause operator errors during the recording process itself. With the computer, interface, recording software, and a few extras like a drum sampler pack and guitar pedal pack… I am looking at walking away ready to record at around $2,200.

But, that isn’t all.

Since the focus of this hobby is going to be to record more of a deathcore style of music, I will also be looking into getting a 7 string guitar and a nice simplistic electric bass.

That will likely leave the entire purchase at somewhere around $3,000 to $3,500.

Between now and January I will be doing more research on what would work best for the genre while slowly building up the study one small purchase at a time rather than buying it all at once.

All that is missing is some recording gear

My wife and I recently completely renovated our “catch all” room into a guest room for when friends and family are in town visiting. It has been a pleasant change, considering we have already had three guests stay over since the change, and the guest room has only been completed a few weeks now.


Since the guest room is officially done, my next goal with this room is going to be a mini-recording studio that will find its home on the desk. I don’t know how soon this studio will be up and running, but hopefully sooner than later. Since we have Christmas and a few birthdays coming up in the near future, it will likely be closer to January or February before the studio is fully up and running.

I can’t wait.

It’s going to be good for me to get back into a creative mode. I miss writing music. It’s been something like six or seven years since I left tour. And let’s face it… that’s just too long to go without writing.