Deciding on a 7 string or 8 string Guitar

So, today I had some time to kill before the end of the day and spent that time at a local music store to decide if I was going to want to commit to getting a 7 string guitar or an 8 string guitar.


Now, obviously if you can count you know that I have decided on the 8 string. And here is my reasoning. Sure, the 8 string is going to be a little bit muddier. But, when it comes down to what I am really aiming for once I start recording, I just feel like it is going to be closer to what I want. For this project I intend to keep things pretty simple. And for that, the muddiness won’t be that big of an issue since I am not looking to get too complex starting off. And regardless, if I wanted to go with a 7 string later, I could always just mute the top string and down tune the one below it. So, there you go.

8 string it is.

Doing some research


So, I have been doing the research this week and I feel like I have come up with a pretty solid list of basic necessities for the initial home studio purchase. The biggest purchase is going to be the computer, obviously. But, I went as inexpensive as I could without going so small that it would cause operator errors during the recording process itself. With the computer, interface, recording software, and a few extras like a drum sampler pack and guitar pedal pack… I am looking at walking away ready to record at around $2,200.

But, that isn’t all.

Since the focus of this hobby is going to be to record more of a deathcore style of music, I will also be looking into getting a 7 string guitar and a nice simplistic electric bass.

That will likely leave the entire purchase at somewhere around $3,000 to $3,500.

Between now and January I will be doing more research on what would work best for the genre while slowly building up the study one small purchase at a time rather than buying it all at once.

All that is missing is some recording gear

My wife and I recently completely renovated our “catch all” room into a guest room for when friends and family are in town visiting. It has been a pleasant change, considering we have already had three guests stay over since the change, and the guest room has only been completed a few weeks now.


Since the guest room is officially done, my next goal with this room is going to be a mini-recording studio that will find its home on the desk. I don’t know how soon this studio will be up and running, but hopefully sooner than later. Since we have Christmas and a few birthdays coming up in the near future, it will likely be closer to January or February before the studio is fully up and running.

I can’t wait.

It’s going to be good for me to get back into a creative mode. I miss writing music. It’s been something like six or seven years since I left tour. And let’s face it… that’s just too long to go without writing.