Evolution is a religion.

The issue with evolution isn’t that it is still taught in the secular educational system today. The issue is that it is taught as fact when there are countless evidences that bring in to question the validity of the evolutionary paradigm all together. If the educational systems of today want to continue to latch onto evolution, then it is my opinion that the scientific community needs to spend portions of their yearly grant money to answer the questions that so blatantly contend with the theory itself.

Just a few examples of things that bring into question the methods of continuity by which evolution has established itself would be the following. The geological column is a series of layers, each one a different age by long periods of time. With that, how can a single tree be standing upright through multiple layers if each layer is dated millions of years apart? Further more, how can these layers be in the wrong order on other continents? Or, how can we trust carbon dating, if it has been proven that one Mammoth was carbon dated with two different dates more than 20,000 years apart form one another? Surely, the Mammoth’s leg didn’t exist 20,000 years after the rest of its body. This list of arguments against evolution are very lengthy, and yet, the secular educational system has the privilege of teaching evolution as fact, while neglecting with intent to address the many errors that bring into question its validity.

I have put together this page for one reason. This page is for skeptics of the creationist argument. The creation vs evolution debate has been raging since the dawn of Darwin’s conversion of macro-evolution as foundation for proof of micro-evolution. But, before we get into the argument of Creator against random chance and natural selection… most people that oppose the creationist stance will ask the following question.


Now, assuming that you took the time to watch that 3 minute video, which in my opinion answers the question regarding the origin of God rather elegantly, I have a few more resources for you to check out. But, before I provide the links I wanted to give a basic description of where these resources are coming from and why they are worth further evaluation. The 3 minute video linked above is a short snippet from a high school debate done in the early 2000’s between 3 science teachers and, a one Mr. Kent Hovind. During this time in the early 2000’s prior to my personal conversion to Christianity, Kent Hovind traveled nationally giving lectures and having debates on the topic of evolution vs creation.

The following two links will bring you to a library of videos on Youtube that track the various debates and lectures that were given during that time. In these series of links you will find that Kent Hovind answers with unerring confidence the truth behind what is actually being taught in the schools of today.



This is not science vs religion. This is religion vs religion. As a Christian I believe “In the beginning, God…” and an evolutionist believes “In the beginning, Dirt…”.

One of the things that I have noticed, and even believed before becoming a Christian is this. The world looks at the followers of Christ as close minded. I know I did. Let me ask you a question. Who is more close minded; the person that has made a decision after having looked at both sides of the coin, or the person that refuses to flip the coin over because they are so totally and unshakably convinced by the side of the coin that they have already seen? I have weighed the evidences both for and against creation and evolution.

Have you?

I challenge you. Go through some of the debates. Go through some of the lectures. One side of the coin is evolution, while the other side of the coin is creation. If you refuse to look at both sides, then the coin you are holding is worthless.
Don’t be close minded. And just for giggles… here is one last video to watch. It’s less than 15 minutes long.


The world that we live in today truly is the blind leading the blind. Open your eyes.