If you haven’t already noticed, the church section of this site with its extensive drop down menu is pretty much the bulk of the content on A Martyr’s Oath (with exception to the Blog Posts that continue to go up every so often). I would hope that the reason for this is obvious. I have two passions; music and Christ. And since Christ is my primary passion and focus in life, He deserves center stage. With that, you will see that the church section on the navigation bar above holds a pretty hefty drop menu (which is likely to grow in the future).

Right now, this drop down menu holds 5 different pages. The purpose of “this page” (the one you are currently on) is merely to give a basic summary of what to expect on each section in the Church’s drop down menu. This menu includes Testimony, Eschatology, Why the KJV, Evolution, and Cosmology.

Having said all that, here is a basic breakdown of what to expect on each page in the drop down menu above. Thank you for visiting the Church Page. If you have any questions or comments regarding any of the content featured on this site, please feel free to contact me. I would love you hear from you.

Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.1 Thessalonians 5:21



The Testimony Page is fairly self-explanatory, I think. In today’s world it seems that Christianity in North America (and the world) has become somewhat of a taboo subject when compared to our current social customs; which happen to still be piggybacking off of the enlightenment era of the 18th Century. In a way, it makes sense I guess. Why would anyone today still find hope in a religion that has become overrun with hypocrites? This page touches on this to a degree. I give some insight into how I found Christ, and why I refuse to let go despite the world’s opposition.

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Eschatology is the part of theology concerned with death, judgment, and the final destiny of the soul and of humankind. Although I don’t provide a breakdown on why or how I eventually switched eschatological camps from the Futurist camp to the Historicist camp, this page does provide a basic gist of the 3 prominent Christian camps of eschatology. The purpose of this page is to encourage others to evaluate why they stand where they do. You wouldn’t want to be built your house on a foundation of sand, would you?

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The waters of Biblical translation have become a flooding sea of confusion since the 19th Century. How are we to swim upstream against such a raging torrent of downward flowing waves? This page provides the two videos that are part of a larger series which has opened my eyes to the drastic and blatant changes that have intentionally shaped the confusion you see in the world today regarding man’s trust for God’s word. After all, the Bible was written by men. And who would trust anything written by sinners?

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I have found that there are many Christians today that also believe the evolutionist’s argument right alongside the non religious world. God did after all say, “let there be light”… and “bang” everything was created. So, maybe evolution is actually how everything was made. I beg to differ. If evolution is true, then you can throw your Bible in the trash. We did not evolve from apes, that evolved from a fish, that evolved from a rock. The fact is, evolution is a religion. And if you haven’t determined this to be true, then you haven’t personally taken the time to weigh the evidence.

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cosmolllWhat if I told you that the science of modern astronomy was nothing more than the repackaging of an age old ancient religion disguised as unbiased truth seeking? It sounds preposterous, I know. The truth is, like the science of evolution in today’s schools, we aren’t being taught how to think. When it comes to cosmology, we are being taught what to think. It’s about time we start thinking for ourselves again. We have spent too long regurgitating and reciting the traditions of men. What if these traditions turn out to be founded on lies?

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