New Promo Flyers came in the Mail


Well, the full page promo flyers finally came in the mail for the recent full length release, Desecration to Restoration. They turned out pretty good. For some reason the photo at the top of the flyer turned out a bit darker than I expected it to. But, other than that… it turned out fine.

We will be plastering these all over town in the coming days and weeks as time allows.

Tracking for the New album is Complete

Well, we finished tracking for the new full length album. I am super excited, because we finished several weeks earlier than I expected too. Not only was today a recording session, but a writing one as well. Today we wrote and recorded lyrics off the cuff. And I have to say, Russell came though. Because today’s lyrics are probably my favorite ones on the album.


I plan to spend the next few weeks doing edits and a final mix down on everything.

Other than all of the post edit and mastering (which I am still a total newb at), we are getting ready to start pitching to labels soon. Album artwork is done. Recording is done. Between now and post production finals we plan to get some promo photos around town to be sure we look the part.

Yeah, you know. lol

Anyway, getting this home studio up and running has been a lot of fun. I’ve very happy to have gotten it off the ground. Just wondering why I waited so long to do it.