Brainstorming lyrics for a new EP


We both agreed on a great idea for a concept EP. We’ve been working at it pretty hard. Today was our first lyric/vocal writing session. I am really excited about this project, one… because of the concept theme… and two, because it is leaning way more slam than metalcore.

Bad news and good news | Bass Guitar troubles

My bass guitar ate the dust for the last time. Over the course of the last few months I have been having issues with it. And well, after my third trip to the repair shop I was finally told I should probably just dig a hole and bury it.

And so, I did.


As a result, I got a super slick 5 string.

I am really excited about this new bass. It has way more pop that the last one and I really do think it will bring a little more edge to the mix. Although this is an epic upgrade, there is a pretty lame downside. Now that I have upgraded the bass, all of the bass takes for the current EP that we are working on are no good. I now have four songs that will need to re-track all of the bass parts.

It’s annoying. But, in the long haul it’ll be worth it.

Studio upgrades are always fun!

New Promo Flyers came in the Mail


Well, the full page promo flyers finally came in the mail for the recent full length release, Desecration to Restoration. They turned out pretty good. For some reason the photo at the top of the flyer turned out a bit darker than I expected it to. But, other than that… it turned out fine.

We will be plastering these all over town in the coming days and weeks as time allows.

Thrash the Sabbath day!!!

Today’s Sabbath was epic. To me it was what the Sabbath is all about as a Christian (sacred togetherness). And with that, there’s nothing like some family bonding time like thrashing it up after church at the local skate park.


It was epic. All three of us crashed and burned at least once. It was a great afternoon of laughs and fun. I look forward to more days like this one.