Now a days the only thing that I actually use the internet for is pretty limited. I mostly just keep this site up and use Youtube to listen to music and watch lectures an eschatology, theology, and the sciences. I know… I’m getting old.

Well, after a while the AI algorithms have caused me to stumble into melancholy Post Rock. And I have to say, I am really loving it. I am more of an introvert by nature and this genre is really relaxing, reflective, and yet still very powerful.

Here are just a few bands I’ve found so far worth checking out.

As Seas Exhale

We Lost The Sea

Some really great stuff if you ask me. Some of this style of music might end up rubbing of on me with the next set of releases that I do after the set that is about to come out. I already have a 5 song EP done. I am just waiting to hear back from some people about releasing it.

Well, today I stopped by the Guitar Center to post the new promo Poster for my New Year’s release, the From the Heart EP. And obviously, while I was there I did a bit of shopping, too.


While I work on thinking up some more places around town to post the poster, I have a new toy to play with. I am really excited about the Finder Jazz Master. I have had my eyes on this guitar for a long while. I have probably played it at the store a few times. But now, I get to play it at home. I am really excited about the rhythm lead switch that allows you to have more control over the tones that the guitar can produce. In my opinion this is an excellent choice for recording indie art rock .


I am going to take my time with this next project. Give it more focus. Have every element of each song built with intent. As I embark on this next project, the goal is to begin working on a full length. Who knows, it might take all year to do… but I think this year is a great year for producing a full length post-hardcore indie rock album.


This guitar is going to be epic!