A friend of mine, Preston, from the band Outside the Shadows has a gnarly side project that I thought was worth mentioning. His side project is called Bell Eight6. Here is one of his songs. It really kicks off at about the three minute mark for me. Takes me back to stuff like Lords of Acid. But that’s just me talking. He may have different influences than that.

After listening through some of his stuff it got me remembering my love for Chiptunes and 8-bit. I haven’t listened to any of that type of stuff in a long time. I need to see if I can’t dig up any good stuff from those genres again.


It’s only been three weeks since I got the new six string guitar and the writing sessions have been going strong for the new indie-rock stuff.


In three weeks I’ve got three songs that I’m pretty happy with. That’s essentially one song a week. It hasn’t actually panned out to be one song each week. There has been a little overlapping happening. But still, three songs in three weeks feels pretty good. If I keep this up I’ll be ready to start doing some real editing and mixing on a post-hardcore art rock EP before you know it.