Let’s face it… we’ve all seen those super epic photos portraits done by “professional” photographers, and thought to ourselves “how are they so good at taking photos?”.

The truth is, it’s less about the photo and more about the editing. The better you are at an editing software like photoshop, the better of a “photographer” you will be. Personally, that makes no sense to me at all. But in any case, here is an example of what I mean. On the right are the raw photos that I took with an older logo. And on the right are some edits I made in photoshop along with the newer logo.


They’re not slam-bam-thank-you-mam, by any means. But I think you get the point. I am a lot happier with how they look after having tweaked them a little in photoshop.

So, If you look at any of my past work, the lines are clean and tight. That is because my method required me to sketch and ink on paper. Afterwards I scan the image in and use photoshop to add in my colors one layer at a time. Today for the first time ever I attempted to do my line work with my tablet. I honestly didn’t like it.
My hand isn’t that steady. And, lately my tablet lag has been so bad that I have been having trouble with photoshop on that front. So, it was hard to navigate a decent line without shaking all over the place. The concept of drawing with the tablet rather than on paper is a direction that I desire to go, because I have watched a few speed draw videos on Youtube that inspired me to attempt the image in this post. I am a long way off from being that talented. But, if you want to improve you have to start somewhere. With that, I think I need to update my computer to get rid of that extreme tablet lag for starters.

So, I have a lot of music that I released in my mid to late twenties as a singer-songwriter. Of all of those releases, these three are the ones that I am the most proud of. With that, I decided to keep them for those of you that are interested in a free download of some indie/folk music.
I like how these new album covers look. They are nice, sleek, and simple. Hopefully, in the near future I will get back to recording (this time around, deathcore).
Until then, get yourself some free music!

I recently posted about the silly photoshoot of hardcore bands. And, how almost all of them tend to do the same old cliché things, like… the alley, the tall grass, or the rooftop. With that, I did a quick little dumbed down photoshoot on my way to the grocery store today and managed to knock out two of the overdone shots. One of them was the tall grass. And the other, the rooftop. The only other one that I have left to do would be the alley. If and when I find the time I will probably make that happen as well, just for giggles.

So, here are the photos.



This slap stick photo shoot was off the cuff. Like, literally. I was on my way to HEB to get some stuff for the following work week and decided to get me some deathcore band pics done on the fly. I knew just the place to stop on the way to the store. So, I did just that. It wasn’t easy either. Since no one was with me I had to set up the camera just right… set the timer and run out with enough time to make sure I was in frame and pose. You know the pose. The one that says, “I’m ready for a fight. But, not really because I just want to play music”. That pose.

So yeah, it was fun slapping these together.

If I come across a decent alley in the area I’ll likely do that shot as well.

Oh, and if you didn’t notice, visit the site on a computer. I revamped the layout to fit one of the photos.