Well, I have had my dreads for over a month already and today I went in to the parlor and got them tightened up.

So far the experience had been pretty good. At first I was using an acceleration salt spray to speed up the tightening process, but I couldn’t stand it. My scalp was constantly itching. Not using it makes the maturing process longer, but so be it.

From here on out, instead of doing maintenance once I month I will likely just start doing it once every three months while just giving my hair time to mature and do it’s own thing.


Well, today my human hair extensions came in the mail. For those of you that haven’t been following, I am starting a new dreadlock journey next week. I say new, because I have had dreads in the past. This go around I have decided to skip the growing out of the hair phase by just moving right into the dreads themselves.

I plan to post about the process, take pictures of the install, and give updates on maintenance and progress as I go along. My install is going to take place over the course of three days next week back to back. Once they install is complete I will likely post how the process went and how they turned out once they are in.