Well, I have had my dreads for over a month already and today I went in to the parlor and got them tightened up.

So far the experience had been pretty good. At first I was using an acceleration salt spray to speed up the tightening process, but I couldn’t stand it. My scalp was constantly itching. Not using it makes the maturing process longer, but so be it.

From here on out, instead of doing maintenance once I month I will likely just start doing it once every three months while just giving my hair time to mature and do it’s own thing.

So, my human hair dreadlock extensions are on their way. I should be getting them in the mail within the next week. With that, it is time to look at scheduling my instal appointment with Morpho’s Parlor here in Austin.

I have visited the location once. And I have spent a bit of time talking with the owner and operator. Thus far my interactions have been very pleasant. I look forward to booking the instal and starting this new dreadlock journey.

To be honest I have two start off’s that I am not totally sold on, but I am going for it regardless. One, I would have preferred to just grow my own hair out and start it like that rather than the human hair extensions. But, after 2 years of growing my hair out for the intention of dreads I ended up cutting it. So there’s that.

The second thing would be the dreadlock extension color. I tried and tried to find a hair color that matched my own. But I was hard pressed to find exactly what I wanted. My hair is in that mid phase of graying. So, it is a salt and pepper brown. With that, the extensions are dirty blonde. I chose this color for two reasons. One, because it would have a natural fade look as if my hair had just started to grow out after having died it. And two, because it would be easier to attempt to die if I decided to go that route.

In any case… that much closer to the instal.

Well, I have had dreads a few times in life. Once as a teen. Once in my early twenties. And once about four years ago.

The first time I had them I was new to the idea and was constantly adding wax, which is a no no. So I ended up cutting them. The second time I had them was right as I started touring full time. Since I was alone most of the time I had no one to maintain them and they never really looked good. The third time I had them I did a bowl cut with just having dreads on the top. I liked them but ended up cutting them with the intent of growing out all of my hair and starting over with a full head of hair instead.

Well, I grew out my hair and didn’t do it.

Impatient I cut my hair.

Now… my hair is about six inches long. So, I have decided to go a new route. I am getting human hair extensions. The extension are in the mail… and are in fact the ones in the top photo. Should be getting them installed within the next month.