Since this is my 150’th post for the website, I thought it appropriate to do a little recap on how far along this thing has come. This project was started in September of 2018, with the first official blog post popping up on the 5th.

That means that this project is already over a year old. It’s pretty crazy to think how quickly time moves along the older you get.

In the first year I chased a few hardcore genres. Did some experimenting with sermon-core. Landed an EP with an indie record label. Found a hardcore screamer. Released a full length with the singer. And after all of that, changed directions to focus on doing something that allows me to do the vocals myself. With that, I have a single out already with more music on the way. I’ve branched out to the various listening platforms like Youtube, Spotify, andiTunes.

When you consider how much has happened with the project already, There’s no telling what will happen with it in the year to come.

I say all of that without even mentioning the studio upgrades that have taken place in the process of starting this project. New guitars. New bass. New midi software, etc.

It’s really crazy to think it’s already been a year.

New music. New merch.

And with Christmas only a week away, surely there’ll be some studio upgrades in the mix very soon.


I’m excited to announce that I got a few new items for the home studio! Check them out!!!

I’ve got a few more essentials that I need to get before I feel like the studio gear is to the point that I want it. However, I feel like the “how I want it” phase of a studio is never ending. You always end up wanting something else (a new guitar, better headphones, a variety of plugins). Speaking of which, my next upgrade for the studio gear is going to be a few vocal plugins since the vocal tracks are my final phase of the current project.

Beyond that, I don’t really have a wish list… yet.