Now that I have plastered the 2020 From the Heart EP all over town, I still have quite a few of them left.


Back when I toured for a living, I would mail out the tour posters in tube mailers to the venues in advance to promote the events that I would be playing at. The mailers were fairly inexpensive and effective. With that, since I have decided to get away from formal social media platforms, the grass roots approach is the next best thing, if not the better thing to do in my opinion for getting the word out there.


I just ordered a bunch of tube mailers for the posters. They should be in the mail fairly quickly. Rather than driving across country posting up the poster in various places, I will be sending them out 2 by 2 to friends and family.

This time next month the poster will be in coffee shops, record stores, and music venues in a myriad of cities in a multitude of States with the help of friends and family. And it won’t be that hard on any of them to help either. Posting up 2 posters per person should be relatively easy. One at a coffee shop and one at a local music store; done deal.

I even still have all of the postage stamps from when I was running the Etsy patch store from a while back, which is extra cool.

Having said all of that, I say this in closing… ditch the fake instagram followers and do some real promotion. Get your poster plastered across the country.

Well, today I stopped by the Guitar Center to post the new promo Poster for my New Year’s release, the From the Heart EP. And obviously, while I was there I did a bit of shopping, too.


While I work on thinking up some more places around town to post the poster, I have a new toy to play with. I am really excited about the Finder Jazz Master. I have had my eyes on this guitar for a long while. I have probably played it at the store a few times. But now, I get to play it at home. I am really excited about the rhythm lead switch that allows you to have more control over the tones that the guitar can produce. In my opinion this is an excellent choice for recording indie art rock .


I am going to take my time with this next project. Give it more focus. Have every element of each song built with intent. As I embark on this next project, the goal is to begin working on a full length. Who knows, it might take all year to do… but I think this year is a great year for producing a full length post-hardcore indie rock album.


This guitar is going to be epic!