Okay, I have been thinking long and hard about this… and I think I am finally ready to bring my thoughts out into the open for others to consider. I have been thinking about getting a tribal line style face tattoo for a long time. But, now… after much consideration have decided what it would look like if I got it done.


Now, I know what some of you might be thinking. He’s hit the mid-life crisis moment. Truth be told, I hit that a while back when I realized that I would be spending the next decade trying to figure out what parenting is supposed to look like.

This however, is genuine and not reactionary.

A lot of people would ask why… and a lot of people would mention an inability to find job placement in the future. I have already considered both of these with great detail.

Here is each one in short.

As for work, yes, having face tattoos does make it harder to find a job. That is a given and anyone that thinks otherwise is in denial. I however am rounding the corner to the end of my thirties. And with that I have already established a career that doesn’t require me to deal with the public. With that, if for some reason my current job fell apart, it may be hard for employers to take me seriously in the interview, but the extensive background in my career field speaks volumes. My back up option (something I went to school for) would also be something that doesn’t require face time with the public. If for some reason however, neither of these worked out because of something like health or region of living, my skill set would be limited to lower paying jobs like being a barista anyway. And although it would be a little harder in this job area, the pay cut and my determination would pay off and I would be employed somewhere. People that don’t have a job, regardless of what they look like, don’t have them because they have quit trying to find one.

And two, why in the world would I do something silly like tattoo lines on my face?

Well, the answer is simple, and to be honest, internal. You see, I don’t feel obligated to meet the status quo. Just because the main flow of existence is heading in a direction with everyone looking, thinking, acting, dressing, buying, and doing the same… doesn’t mean that I have to do the same to be happy. I am my own person. You only live one life. So, despite the main stream, live your life. Do it despite opinion. Life is too short to care what others think about you.

Some would say that doing something like this is so that you stand out or even the desire for attention. You see, the opposite is true in this case. Sure, I will get some looks. And yes, it will cause conversation “with me” and even when I’m not around. That aside, I am a reflective person. And my conclusion is that the world is too uptight by requiring a “social norm”.

There is no normal, only average.

And I’m not average.

I’m the only me there will ever be.

Well, I might as well just get real and talk about it since there really isn’t much going on with the music right now other than working in the studio on some a few songs for a future release. As you can see from the picture that my wife took for me (since I don’t have a smart phone anymore), I got some crazy junk going on right now.

I am currently conducting a 48 in home EEG.


Apparently, I am epileptic now which is pretty exciting if you ask me. I have only had one actual “full blown” seizure. But, I have auras all the time which are technically called something like “micro” seizures or the feeling that you get when a possible seizure is about to happen. Even though I am on medication to keep this type of activity low in my brain, it isn’t fully preventing these feelings that occur.

So… I got referred to a specialist. Because of that, here I am with my head strapped to 25 leads going to a monitor in my fanny pack.

Cool story bro.

Other than that, my beard has gotten longer since my last set of site photos were taken. Maybe I should consider doing a new set of promo shots for this next release. And yes, I know exactly what you’re thinking. I should totally include the fanny pack in the promos.

I have been pretty busy with the everyday life recently, but now I feel like it’s time for me to get back to working on and finishing up my next AMO release. I already have bulk of the music recorded, vocals excluded.

With that, the thing I need to do is get some vocals written and laid down.


Let’s face it. I’m an old man now. I’m not a scene kid anymore pushing myself through the pit. I’m a dad with a day job. And although I have a beard, it has started to go gray. Because of that, I imagine that this is exactly what I look like shouting my head off to post-hardcore art rock lyrics in the home studio while I record. If my wife were to watch me at work, she would likely laugh and agree.

It seems funny, but it’s probably not too far from the truth.

I am hoping to set aside at least one day a week for a while spending a few hours at a time on it until I get this thing done. I am excited to get back on it.

With all of that said, next time you are listening to one of my AMO tracks be sure to be thinking of the old dude face posted above while you’re listening.

You’re welcome.

While working a job out of town, the following letter was posted on the bathroom door. I felt obligated to share it. But first, let me give you the summery.

Okay guys,

We are doing really well… and we are excited to announce an increase in job security and the potential for employee raises and a variety of promotions from within the company. But for the love of God, you guys have got to quit sleeping on the clock and pooping on the floor!!!

I mean, come on. The walls??? Really???


Last night I had a dream that must be told. I dreamt that I was a rapper. I was on staging. The beat dropped. And when I came into the light mad flowing, I was dressed in all white. After that, I woke up.


When I woke up I realized instantly what my rapper stage name should be. It should be Tighty Whitie. And here’s why…

When people go take a listen to my music they will find that my beats and lyrical flow is actually quite tight. And… you guessed it, I’m white. Tight mad flow from a white guy dressed in all white. Rapper name, Tighty Whitie. But, it doesn’t stop there. I’ve got to have a DJ, too.

That’s where DJ Skid Mark comes in. Because, he is super sick at ski-ski-skiddin’ them vinyl records to my beats. And his name just so happens to be Mark. With that, it’s a closed deal. Rapper Tighty Whitie and DJ Skid Mark. I’ll wear all white. And he can wear all brown. I think it would be a hit.

Don’t you?