Well, I just added a new book recommendation for you guys. I highly recommend everyone read the book Facts of Faith, by author Christian Edwardson. The great thing about this book, for those of you that read digitally, is that you can read this book for free online at THIS LINK from the Present Truth Organization.


Me personally, I am more of a physical copy type of reader. I picked up a reprint of the book on amazon for a very decent price. This is a 2001 printing of the book, but the author published this work first in 1942. And I will say, it is still a very relevant book. I can’t stress it enough. I highly recommend this book to everyone.

You can click here to go to the books page on my site to check out some of my other book suggestions on a variate of topics like politics, cosmology, and propaganda.

Random Book Recommendation of the Day

Well, I haven’t had a lot going on lately on the creativity front other than a little recording here and there with the new vocalist (which has been a lot of fun). With that said, I have mostly been getting a lot of stuff done around the new house like most adults tend to do.

So… here is a random book recommendation since instead of something related to music.

The Vision: The Final Quest | Rick Joyner



It’s pretty brutal from the start. The visual display of what the real world spiritual battle is like, in my opinion, is pretty spot on. I will say though, that I don’t agree with every single thing that is in this book. For example, the state of the dead toward the end of the book. You will also notice that at the end of this book it is an actual vision and not just a book of fiction despite being presented as a book of fiction. With that, you have to take this book with a grain of salt by realizing that you can’t just take it all in at face value.

Either way, I felt like it was a really entertaining read and some of the visuals in my opinion are pretty accurate when we consider what is likely going on in the spirit as we fight through this life as Christians.

It was an entertaining read, but I wouldn’t build any doctrine off of it obviously.