So, If you look at any of my past work, the lines are clean and tight. That is because my method required me to sketch and ink on paper. Afterwards I scan the image in and use photoshop to add in my colors one layer at a time. Today for the first time ever I attempted to do my line work with my tablet. I honestly didn’t like it.
My hand isn’t that steady. And, lately my tablet lag has been so bad that I have been having trouble with photoshop on that front. So, it was hard to navigate a decent line without shaking all over the place. The concept of drawing with the tablet rather than on paper is a direction that I desire to go, because I have watched a few speed draw videos on Youtube that inspired me to attempt the image in this post. I am a long way off from being that talented. But, if you want to improve you have to start somewhere. With that, I think I need to update my computer to get rid of that extreme tablet lag for starters.