In today’s world there are so many Bible translations to choose from. How can anyone know where to begin? Just a basic example would be the KJV, the NKJV, the ASV, the NIV, the NLT, the AMP, the CSB, the ESV, the TLB, and the MSG. It literally goes on and on and on. The number of translations out there is seemingly endless. So, which translation is the best one? Are any of the translations corrupted? If so, which ones? Aren’t there contradictions in the bible? Do any of these translations contradict other translations? There are just too many questions to name them all here. The questions too, are seemingly endless. And besides, where did all of these translations come from? The honest and obvious answer to all of this is that there is clearly a Battle of the Bibles taking place. And in the process of this battle, God’s word is being changed.


In the Battle of the Bibles episode of Total Onslaught series, hard evidence is provided for how the enemy has worked behind the scenes to set the stage for the final attack on the Word of God. In the following presentation, the history and affiliations of those who have dared to reshape God’s Word to suit their occult philosophy is clearly exposed. The following video includes a discussion of the different versions of the Bible and their sources, showing that the issue is not a version but a manuscript. The attack on God’s word is very real.

CLICK HERE to watch Battle of the Bibles, a Video from the Total Onslaught Series.

In the following video, Changing the Word (another video from the Total Onslaught series), a hands on approach of the Bible is followed, exposing the blatant changes that have been made in modern translations to rob Christ of His preeminence. See for yourselves and prove whether these things are so.

CLICK HERE to watch Changing the Word, a Video from the Total Onslaught Series.

With all of this on the table, which Bible translation do you trust? I have weighed the evidence. And although these two videos are merely just one source, there are countless other sources out there to validate these videos. I dare you to take the challenge. Watch these two videos. Follow up on it by taking out your bibles to see which translations glorify Christ and which ones don’t. Our battle is not with flesh and blood. This battle is over the mind and the heart.

The time to wake up is now.